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Special Interest Groups

Our members work in a variety of fields within local government from Human Resources to Property to Governance and Finance. These groups foster the networking of these professionals and a valuable source of information.

These member networks are at the heart of what we do and an invaluable resource for local government professionals, for information sharing and networking. We encourage all of our members to participate in our member network activities and further information on each of the networks can be accessed below.

The purpose of this member network is to actively engage in the debate of human resource issues, to stimulate discussion, generate new ideas and drive change through:

  • Channelling opinions and advice to appropriate bodies
  • Developing professional standards and guidelines and
  • Providing networking and knowledge sharing opportunities.

The network meets regularly and professional development is our primary aim with topics of currency and interest discussed at each meeting.

The Legal Property Special Interest Group has been established to provide peer group support and professional development opportunities for Local Government legal and property professionals; a forum for Local Government legal and property professionals to network; and the opportunity for professional input on operational and policy issues of relevance to the Group and the opportunity to provide advice on policy for consideration by LGAT and State Government.

The Communications and PR Member Network is to provide leadership, advocacy, information, learning and support to local government professionals and individuals. It will provide networking and development opportunities to the sector. It is committed to best practice and policy formation through Local Government Professionals Australia, TAS.

The goal of the Communications and PR Member Network is to establish a leading group of active and engaged professionals within the local government sector, who are committed to improving the performance of local government.

The objectives of the Communications and PR Member Network are:

  • Provide a forum for members to share and reflect on information and experience
  • Promote and develop communications and PR professionals in local government
  • Provide strategic direction to Local Government Professionals Australia, TAS on communications and PR
  • Provide opportunity for peer support and social interaction

The Workplace Health, Safety & Environment member network has been established to provide networking and support for WHSE professionals within the Local Government sector.  The  forum aims to:

  • Provide a forum for members to share ideas and experience in WHSE related areas
  • Develop collaboration across municipalities in the sharing of resources
  • Provide professional development related activities